Frequently Asked Questions

Why Bukit.Travel?

Bukit.Travel is a one stop shop to your activity based travel needs. Our trips are ‘hassle-free’ and inclusive of all necessary ad-ons like pick-up, drop, local transport etc.
•  We personally ratify the destination and the TripPROviderTM for every trip.
•  Our entire focus is on encouraging and empowering local women experts, who know the location inside-out and are activity specialists.
•  Our experts are travel enthusiasts themselves and share their passion of wanderlust with you.
•  Once you land at our hand picked destinations you will feel empowered and all your concerns about being alone will vanish. Leave the worries of planning a trip to us and focus on experiences and memories that will last a lifetime

What does a phygital experience Mean?

We have local activity experts in each of our destinations, from scuba divers, historians, surfers, trekkers, dancers, yoga & healing professionals, chefs – they provide authentic local experiences in – person. However, some of these can enjoyed virtually as well from the comfort of your home. Some of our popular virtual experiences are – a mixology class from Scotland, GOT walk from Croatia, Yoga from Rishikesh, Cooking from Bali, Meditation from Thailand.

Is the online / virtual travel experience good? How does it work?

For a travel experience, there is no doubt that you can best enjoy that in-person. However, we love YouTube videos don’t we , or a LIVE match ? We always love to know more about the place, its people, its culture or in general just learn new things or pick a new hobby. Trust us, the next best way to enjoy an in-person is indulging in it, REAL TIME, online! Plus sure enough it saves resources


Why not? On our trips, you will come across like-minded travellers. Solo trips provide the right mix between exploring a hobby, a new place and your precious ‘me-time’. Women today have made long strides in sports, business, politics, technology, aviation and pretty much in all walks of life. Why not travel? It is perhaps the most enriching and empowering experiences of all. We seldom find the right friends to travel with, partners may be busy in their own lives, colleagues aren’t always on the same page. Why should any of this hinder our wanderlust? Not anymore!Travelling solo does not mean you are alone. Traveling solo will help you build immense life skills, such as social prowess, a keen sense of direction, the ability to be comfortable outside your comfort zone to name a few. By the time you come back home, you would have more faith in yourself and your decisions. You are sure to gain a sense of independence and confidence that will stay with you forever.

Do I have to be a solo traveler or can I travel with my friends?

We encourage solo-travel, however you are sure to make new friends along with the ones you bring along.

Can I shop for travel accessories on Bukit.Travel?

We are in the process of curating the best and the most useful yet quirky travel merchandise for you. While we put that up on the website, please reach out to us for orders or any queries that you may have Whatsapp / Call on +91 998-656-5263

Do you provide ticketing services?

Its best to book the tickets on your own, we do not provide ticketing services, however we can recommend you with viable options.

Do you provide trips for men as well? Can co-travellers be men?

We curate and provide specialised trips for girls only.

I am travelling solo for the first time, what should I expect?

All our travelers are solo travelers, traveling solo in a group is very different from travelling alone. Don’t expect anything less than an adventure, be rest assured of a memorable time and experience.

Is this for budget travelers or luxury also?

We cater to varied needs of our travelers. Out trips clearly mention the classification of the accommodation and other facilities provided during the trip